Brighten your child's Birthday with live farm animals from our Petting Zoo!


We travel to you with at least 12 animals which usually include:

  • Miniature Horse

  • Miniature Donkey

  • Dwarf Nigerian Goat

  • Cameroon Hair Sheep

  • Turkey

  • Pot Belly Pig

  • Silkie Bantam Chickens

  • Lion Head Rabbits

  • Giant Flemish Rabbit

  • Guinea Pig

  • Ferret



 We arrive 1/2 hour prior to the event to set up a 20 x 20 pen. The Critters prefer to be on a grassy area and some shade is greatly appreciated especially during the warmer months. We provide sanitary hand wash and running water should be nearby to fill water buckets for the animals. In the event of Rain, we set up a canopy or in the direct sun the canopy provides shade. All our animals are very friendly and LOVE to be LOVED. You can even pet "BIG RED" the turkey while he gobbles and fluffs up his feathers for attention.

                                                      Animals cannot be set up in a parking lot or on cement. 

                                              If this is your ONLY option, please tell us before we book your party!

                                                          We may be able to make special arrangements!


Rocky the Miniature Horse






Bullwinkle the Mini Donkey







Big Red the Turkey








Spiderman The Paint Pony







Wally the Pot Belly Pig






Louise with critters all around.







Cinnamon the Dwarf Nigerian Goat 







Lizzy the Sheep